5 Strange and Unusual Things To Do in London

Indulge in these five strange and unusual things to do in London, England, to make your vacation unforgettable.


You’ve made it to London!  As one of the most recognized cities in the world, London has a lot to offer travelers.  So many sights to see and experiences to have, it can be overwhelming. Let’s forget about the standard sightseeing for a moment.  For my holiday, I wanted a more unique vacation. That meant finding strange and unusual things to do in London, England.  No gory super scary stuff.   I just wanted to find some strange and unusual things to do in London rather than stand in front of Big Ben like everyone else.

So I did my research and decided exactly what to do in London for a day that’s totally off the beaten path.


Strange and unusual things to do in London

Watch naked boys read

Books and birthday suits come together in a titillating combination when you Watch Naked Boys Read.  This could be the best thing to see in London on your vacation. Literature is read aloud by – you guessed it – real live naked men.

Strange and Unusual Things to do in London

Photo by Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz

Literature meets lovers of the male physique.  Hear passages of your favorite text read by live men standing on stage wearing nothing but a smile.  The audience is required to be fully dressed as you admire the variety of male flesh on display for all to see.

It’s a touring event that hosts in different areas.  There are no rehearsals.  It’s an honest-to-goodness on-the-spot reading of poems, monologues, and other curated texts.  Check their events calendar for dates and locations to visit this sexy library of talent.






Sherlock Holmes Museum

When I traveled to London a few years ago, I searched the area around my hotel and found this. I had to put it on my list of cool and unusual things to do in London.   Everyone knows about the great Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson.

But did you know that at 221b Baker Street, you can step back in time and visit the house where Sherlock and Watson solved their greatest mysteries?  It’s quaint, charming, and so cool to turn back the clock and imagine yourself examining clues and solving those unsolvable mysteries.

It’s probably the world’s most famous address, and showcases the recreated living area that Sherlock and Watson occupied.  Sherlock’s famous violin and book collection of beekeeping are delicately placed near Watson’s notes he jotted down before dashing out to gather more clues.

A welcoming gift shop is next door for souvenir purchases.  The museum is open every day except Christmas.  Don’t forget your camera.  Posted at the front door is a police detective who gladly stands tall if you’d like to snap a photo with him.   Strange and Unusual Things to do in London

 After the museum, enjoy a drink at the Sherlock Holmes Pub on Northumberland Ave.  The upstairs has been converted to a life-size replica of the rooms that Sherlock and Holmes shared around 1894.  The details are amazing and go into more depth than the museum.

If you’re wondering what to do in London in a day and feel like playing detective, I recommend combining the two to get the true Sherlock Holmes experience.


Weird and unusual things to do in London

Made from the Dead Taxidermy Workshop

Try your hand in a taxidermy workshop and stuff your dead animal under the guidance of Tonja Grung.  Choose a course you’d like to take – Mouse anthropomorphic, Black Plague, Corvidae family bird head, or bird taxidermy course.  Bring some friends (six or more) and get a 10% discount.

While it seems strange, it’s also a truly unique thing to do in London.  The Mouse anthropomorphic course, for example, is four hours long and takes you through the entire process.  strange and unusual things to do in london

Start with a complimentary dead mouse, learn how to skin it, tan it, and mount it.  Props such as miniature clothing and accessories are available to bring your mouse to life, so to say.

Refreshments are served as you work.  You leave with your very own mounted Stuart Little and a complimentary beginners taxidermy kit.

If you enjoy it, add to your taxidermy kit.


Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

It’s scary. It’s creepy.  It’s one of the most fun things to do in London at night. You’re locked in a room with a group of 11 people and a zombie who’s chained to a wall.  Your job is to find the key to unlock the door and escape before the zombie gets free.  Strange and Unusual Things to do in London

Through a series of clues and riddles, you have to perform under pressure to gain your freedom and protect your brain from the hungry zombie.  As time ticks by, the chain restraining the zombie loosens.

You have only 60 short minutes to locate clues, solve riddles, and obtain the key that unlocks the door standing between you and survival before the undead zombie reaches you.


Take the Muggles Tour (Harry Potter)

I mentioned this tour in one of my other blog posts, but it deserves another because it’s getting five-star ratings as one of the best London attractions for families. This tour brings the books to life and throws muggles into the heart of the world of wizardry.

Only 20 muggles per tour, so grab your wand,(amazon link)  and book early.  A 2.5 hour tour, you blast your way through the Harry Potter series to visit the Leaky Cauldron, Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley, the visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic, No. 12 Grimmauld Place, and multiple locations where death eaters terrorized, well, everyone.  This tour wasn’t around when I visited London, but it is definitely on my to-do list.Strange and Unusual Things to do in London

Another Harry Potter tour you can check into in case the Muggles Tour is sold out is the Harry Potter London Landmarks Tour .  While it goes to a few of the same locations that the Muggle Tour does, it takes you to a few places the Muggle’s misses. Strange and Unusual Things to do in London

During the 2.5 hour adventure, you’ll board the “Hogwart’s Express” at Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station. Thus begins your journey to Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Stop at Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, and Leadenhall market to name a few.

Brush up on all the Harry Potter facts, adventures, and important places so you’re prepared for the tour.  Find the complete book set here.




No matter how much time you have, there’s always a variety of unusual things to do in London.  Leave the standard tourist spots behind.  Grab your camera and SD card.  Find the strange and unusual things to do in London that set your vacation apart from the rest.  Play detective for a day, stuff a dead animal, or trying to regulate your breathing as you watch a hunk read Little Women.  Throw normality to the wind and enjoy some strange and unusual things to do in London that make you smile for years to come.


Have you been to London and done weird stuff? Share your comments below and tell us all about it!

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I stumbled on your great site, and specifically this post .. (is the watch naked boys read thing for real?!) .. ?? .. so good.

    We recently published a comprehensive listing of London’s escape rooms, great for travelers looking for unusual activities!
    many cheers, hope this is helpful!

    • Ginger Zone says:

      Hi, Kirsten! Yes, it’s for real! It’s on my list of things to do the next time I go to London. And thank you for the link to your blog about the escape rooms. I’ve heard of these types of things, but never been to one. I appreciate your comment and link. Have a great day!

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