5 Best Things To Do In Guam That Are Totally Awesome

What are the best things to do in Guam that will make your vacation even better?

Often called the most beautiful island you’ve never heard of, Guam offers more to tourists than other larger vacation spots.  Where is Guam? Guam is part of the U.S., residing in the Mariana’s Trench and bathing in the warm waves of the Pacific Ocean.  The year-round summer weather and ample beaches are amazing.  You’ll never run out of things to do in Guam.  I lived in Guam for over 10 years.  Here’s the inside scoop of the best beaches in Guam to discover, totally awesome attractions in Guam, the top five best things to do in Guam, the inside scoop of Cocos Island Guam Resort, and other unknown treasures that will make your vacation the best one yet.

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Places to Visit in Guam

Two Lovers Point Things to do in Guam

Two Lover’s Point Overlooking Tumon Bay

Major Landmark of Guam to See

Off all the places to visit in Guam, this is the one you cannot miss.  The legend of Two Lover’s Point in Guam is the island-style reflection of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.  Two young star-crossed lovers were kept apart by their forbidding parents.  When the girl was told she would be forced to marry a Spanish captain, she and her handsome lover met at the peak of a cliff towering over Tumon Bay.  They tied their waist-long hair together, kissed their final goodbye, and jumped into the roaring depths of the sea 400 feet below.

The cliff juts raggedly into the skyline and can be seen from miles away.  Visitors can follow the path of these wayward lovers to the tip of the Point.  The unobstructed views of the island from this viewpoint are breathtaking.  If you want more, telescopes are available as well.  Safety railing, paved sideways, parking, and handicap accessibility are all well maintained. Picnic areas, restrooms, pavilions, and souvenirs are located nearby to make this excursion one of the best things to do in Guam for couples, families, and groups. 


Shopping in Guam

Shopping is a must-do on vacation, but tourist traps can break the bank.  Don’t forgo those memorable souvenirs, extra flip flops, or sun dress.  The Micronesia Mall in Dededo is one of the main attractions in Guam for visitors and tourists.  It’s hailed Guam’s largest American-style shopping venue.  It has major stores like Macy’s, Payless, Gap, Foot Locker, and so on.  ATMs are everywhere, and the Fiesta Food Court has everything from burgers to kimchi.  There’s even an indoor amusement park with bumper cars, a carousel, and The Creature (a roller coaster-like ride that twists and turns and dashes behind a real waterfall).

For a taste of the local life, the Chamorro Village outdoor mall in Agana is a wonderful attraction in Guam that you won’t want to miss. Inexpensive souvenirs await, made most by hand from local artists, and food that can only be found in Guam abound.  One of the best things to do in Guam is to eat the local cuisine and here’s your chance.  Forget McDonalds and Arby’s.  Chicken and pork shish kabob sticks are freshly cooked and cost about a dollar.  Lumpia (Guam-style egg rolls but better) and banana lumpia (egg rolls stuffed with banana slices, fried, and drizzled in honey) are large and mouthwatering and go for around two dollars each.  Buy a full plate of food for $5 – 9, respectively.  Pick and choose to fill up your plate, and cop a squat at a nearby table to dig in.


Aquatic Attractions in Guam – Outside Adventures

Now let’s get to some wet and wild attractions in Guam.  It’s surrounded by the ocean, right?  So let’s talk water.

Atlantis Submarine Things to do in Guam

View from window on Atlantis Submarine

Unless you’ve been in the navy, you probably won’t ever get to ride in a real submarine.  As luck would have it, the Atlantis Submarine Expedition gives you that chance.  I enjoyed this spectacular attraction in Guam with some local friends of mine. It was an adventure of a lifetime.  A 15-minute shuttle boat ride takes you to the submarine waiting for you offshore.  The body of the sub is lined with windows for optimal viewing so all 48 occupants get a full view of the scenery.  Benches line the air-conditioned interior, so pick a seat and get comfortable.  It dives 20 – 40 meters as you watch trained divers feed the fish native to the natural coral reef for approximately 35 minutes.  If you have a digital camera, pictures are welcome.



Or get down and dirty with Tropical Tours GuamAn all-inclusive tour company, they offer a variety of different tours:

  • Waterfall/snorkeling tour (4 – 6 hours)
  • Cave exploring/snorkeling tour (4 – 6 hours)
  • Hiking along the coast and through the boonies (3 – 4 hours)
  • Half-day Island Tour to admire historical sites (Two Lovers Point included), scenic overlooks, and of course beaches
  • Afternoon cave exploring tour where you snorkel in fresh water (2 – 3 hours)

Transportation, safety gear, and lunch are provided. Children are welcome.


Aquatic Attractions in Guam – Inside Adventures

If you want more aquatic attractions in Guam but want to stay in the A/C, visit the UnderWater World Guam in Tumon.  It’s the longest tunnel aquariums on the world, measuring 319 feet long and meanders under 800,000 gallons of water.  Housing over 2,000 species, you’ll get a unique look at aquatic life native to Guam and the surrounding Marianas Islands.  Sharks, spider crabs, coral, stingrays, eels, and more swim freely as you watch.  Move to the petting tanks where you can touch and feel live star fish, fish, and some sharks.  All this for about $23 per adult.


Best Beaches in Guam for Swimming, Diving, and Relaxing

One of the main things to do in Guam is to hit the beach and relax.  Grab a towel and get your chillaxin’ on.  There are tons of beaches in Guam.  But some are better than others.  Don’t stick to the tourist-packed beaches where you’re elbow to elbow with strangers.

Ypao Beach (pronounced ee-pow)

Ypao Beach things to do in guam

Ypao Beach

  • Swim and snorkel
  • Adjacent to a large public park
  • Lots of public parking
  • Covered seating available
  • Walking paths (great for strolls or romantic walks as you gaze out at the surf)
  • Outdoor shower




Tumon (Bay) Beach (pronounced two-mun)

Tumon Bay things to do in guam

View of Tumon Bay from Two Lover’s Point


  • Swimmable and snorkel-friendly
  • Caters to the hotel district
  • No big waves and perfect for kids who want to frolic in the shallow)
  • Public parking


Inarajan Pool (pronounced in-a-rah-hun)

Inarajan Pool things to do in guam

Jumping into Inarajan Pool

  • Created by lava overflow so it’s geology is amazing
  • Pavilions with tables and benches for public use
  • Parking is free
  • Coral outcropping create a natural barrier to the “pools” for deep or shallow swimming
  • Only feet away from the reef
  • Climb to the top of the cliff and jump off into the large main pool

Gun Beach

  • Wonderful diving and snorkeling due to deeper depths
  • Sandy beaches and clean
  • Secluded with less tourists


Agana Bay Beach

  •  Free access to any part you feel like stopping
  • Coffee shops, restaurants, and war memorials line the coast
  • Easy access and ample parking.  

Swimming at my choices above of the best beaches in Guam isn’t the only place to have fun in the water.  There are also lots of caves to explore that offer fresh water adventures.  The water is a nice reprieve from the salty ocean water.  It’s crystal clear, a cool 72 degrees year round, and wonderful place to swim and relax.  Check out Marlboro Cave, Pagat Caves, and Asiga Caves.  They may be a bit out of the way, so be prepared to do a bit of hiking to get there.


Visit Cocos Island Guam Resort

cocos island things to do in guam

View of Cocos Island from boat

Perhaps one of the main attractions in Guam is to visit Cocos Island Resort.  It’s not just a hotel on a strip of beach.  It’s an uninhabited island located one mile off the southern coast of Guam.  It’s 95 acres of pure tourist adventure which makes it the one of the more unusual things to do in Guam.

A ferry bustles visitors across the trench, about $40 per person, and includes admission to a basic cafeteria serving salad, noodles, meat, and your choice of ice tea or water.  The resort boasts a pool, volleyball court, ice cream parlor, café, alcoholic bar, and water equipment rentals.

The beaches are clean, warm, and sandy.  The emerald water is perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming, and building sand castles.  Not enough? Go enjoy some kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, and dolphin watching.

Day packages are available for purchase, but there are no overnight accommodations.  When I lived there, we used to camp on Cocos Island, sleep on the beach, and catch fish for dinner.  Now it’s designed for tourism and for safety reasons, you can only visit during daylight hours.

The views are the best. It’s rather fun to say that you looked at the island of Guam from another island’s beach.  Venture into the woods and search for lizards, birds, skinks, and Guam rails.  Just don’t bring them home.  You’ll also find some old WWII relics in the woods since it was part of the defense of Guam during the war.

Bring as much of your own things as you can (Towels, food, water, snorkel gear) since there’s a small charge for everything at the Cocos Island Guam Resort.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Guam

Since Guam is part of the U.S., English and the American dollar are used.  Along with the American military bases, a large portion of the tourists in Guam are American.  No language barrier, and no currency exchange necessary.  All the makings of a foreign vacation without the hassle of being a foreigner. 

Pack a bag, grab your camera, put on your sexy bathing suit, and get on the plane.  With such a large variety of things to do in Guam, you may want to make a travel itinerary Or you may want to chuck responsibility out the window, grab a pina colada, and fall asleep in the sand.  Share your experiences on the best beaches in Guam, your trek to Cocos Island Guam Resort, and what may be the best vacation you’ve ever had. 


Have you been to Guam? Do you have suggestions of other cool things to do in Guam that you’d like to share?  Post your comments below!




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