Visit Salisbury Cathedral in England – 7 Reasons To Go Now

visit salisbury cathedral

Lovers of history should plan to visit Salisbury Cathedral in England at least once.  Embodying 759 years of history, mechanical genius, and one of the most important documents of medieval England makes it one of the best cathedrals in the UK.  It boasts the tallest spire in Britain, the world’s … Continue reading

Best Things to do on an Alaskan cruise – Planning Your Alaska Vacation

Things to do on an alaskan cruise

Finding the best things to do on an Alaskan cruise for singles, couples, and the whole family.   When you’re planning an Alaskan vacation, the first thing you have to decide is your means of travel.  Car? Bus? Train? Boat?  A few of the best towns to visit in Alaska … Continue reading

Ireland Hiking At Its Finest – Top 3 Ireland Hiking Trails

Ireland Hiking Trails That Will Make You Fall in Love This Wonderful Country Exploring Ireland’s hiking trails  can help you reconnect with nature, your inner self, or your significant other.  Solo, family vacations, or trekking Ireland with a tour group all have the same purpose – to hike Ireland and … Continue reading

What to do in London for two days – Things to Do in London, England

what to do in london for two days

Discover what to do in London for two days that will make you fall in love with the city, culture, and people.   As one of the top-ranking cities visited by tourists, there are thousands of things to do in London, England.  Experiencing them all would probably take years.  The … Continue reading

12 Things to Put on a Bucket List | Cool Things to Do Before You Die

things to put on a bucket list

  Twelve Things To Put On A Bucket List Because They Are Totally Cool Things To Do Before You Die   How do you make a bucket list if you don’t know what it is?  Let’s discover the simplest bucket list definition: interesting, fun, and cool things to do before … Continue reading

5 Strange and Unusual Things To Do in London

London England Westminster

Indulge in these five strange and unusual things to do in London, England, to make your vacation unforgettable.   You’ve made it to London!  As one of the most recognized cities in the world, London has a lot to offer travelers.  So many sights to see and experiences to have, … Continue reading

5 Best Things To Do In Guam That Are Totally Awesome

Atlantis Submarine Things to do in Guam

What are the best things to do in Guam that will make your vacation even better? Often called the most beautiful island you’ve never heard of, Guam offers more to tourists than other larger vacation spots.  Where is Guam? Guam is part of the U.S., residing in the Mariana’s Trench … Continue reading

5 Things To Know Before Traveling To Paris

things to know before traveling to paris

  These five important things to know before traveling to Paris could save you time and money while making your vacation stress free.  Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, ranking at #3 by Forbes magazine.  The lights, culture, food, and designer clothing are everywhere.  It’s … Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Guam You Should Know – Guam Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Guam

Interesting Facts about Guam Every Tourist Should Know When I tell people I lived in Guam for 10 years, they always have the same reaction.  They give me the predictably confused face and the question, “Guam?  Where is Guam?” If you’re wondering the same thing, read on.  I’ll give you … Continue reading